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Live Innovations has introduced an upgraded reporting system which includes a feedback loop for every contractor representing their clients. "I find when working with people that most can come up with a great plan to execute a task, our improved reporting processes ensure we are monitoring results on a daily basis electronically. The feedback loop also allows for any human communication breakdowns to be addressed quickly."

The new system that has been implemented looks at daily targets, and reports results each evening to make the process more effective the next day. "Constantly looking for ways we can improve or become more efficient allows us to stay ahead of our competition," says Live Innovations, MD Tom Harris. This has resulted in 15% boost in productivity and is expected to make a significant impact next quarter.

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Many companies are seeking to improve their efficiency as it can lead to costly mistakes if not taken into account. "Businesses are like an air craft, one system failing will not cause the plane to crash, it is usually five or more small systems failing all at once which can have catastrophic consequences. If businesses allow small mistakes to add up it can really affect their bottom line," claims Tom Harris at Live Innovations.

Most businesses have reporting systems in place but fail to use them due to too much paperwork and corner cutting.

Mr Harris adds "Revamping our systems involved us sitting with suppliers, and contractors and management, finding simple yet effective checks to ensure all client compliance policies are met. By reporting figures in real-time using iPads & tablets we are able to ensure reports are up-to-date and ready for downloading at the end of each day."

Tom Harris, Live Innovations Managing Director believes these systems will allow them to take on more clients and suppliers in quarter 3, "with appropriate systems in place, we are getting more done in less time, which is a very exciting prospect shared by all."

Live Innovations plans expansion into 3 further locations by the end of 2013.

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