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Live Roulette has done some research, and has found out just how unlikely it will be for you to win the lottery. Unfortunately, the odds are more than against you at an astounding 14,000,000/1! There are plenty of things that are much more likely to happen to you before you’ll win the lottery, and Live Roulette has picked out the best and placed them into an infographic.

Naturally, not all the statistics made it into the infographic, but we’ve got some more here that you’ll want to know about.

  • Marrying after 40: 5/2
  • Winning an Olympic gold medal (athletes): 37/1
  • Losing an appendage to a chainsaw: 4,464/1
  • Finding a four leaf clover: 10,000/1
  • Becoming a professional athlete: 24,550/1
  • Winning an Olympic gold medal (average person): 662,000/1
  • Having identical quadruplets: 13,000,000/1
  • Dying this year from a falling coconut: 250,000,000/1

So, out of everything mentioned, the only thing less likely to happen to you than winning the lottery is death by coconut (which is probably a good thing). No matter what though, there are plenty of other things that will happen to you long before you win the lottery, take a look below if you don’t believe me.

You can read more about Live Roulette here as well as view the full sized and complete infographic here.

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