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The direct sales and marketing industry is a saturated market with too many competitors. It’s now more crucial than ever for businesses to ensure they offer innovative campaigns and implement personalised strategies in order to propel themselves above their competitors. The demands of the market is constantly changing, and outsourced customer acquisition firm LMS Thinking are a prime example of showing their ability to evolve with change. With offices in London and New York, LMS Thinking expanded into the Southern Hemisphere earlier this year with the opening of a branch in Sydney, Australia. They have sharpened their unique selling point, which focuses around personalising the purchasing processes, and have also been working on a personalised sales strategy to stay ahead of the competition. With three successful offices in three hugely competitive markets, it’s proof these personalised operations are working effectively.

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The ROI of direct sales and marketing far exceeds that of indirect forms such as TV adverts and radio. Tim Kennedy, managing director of LMS Thinking claims, "By working with customers on a face-to-face level we are able to build relationships which is something that traditional forms of marketing are simply unable to do. We have the ability to answer questions, address concerns and tailor packages at the point of sales which is truly valued by many consumers."

A business model is the framework of how a business generates revenue and profit. Technology disruptions, commoditization and competition are reasons why businesses must be able to evolve with change. It’s easier for small businesses to adapt their business models, as they’re more flexible and transformable than larger corporations. However, despite being a growing firm, LMS Thinking maintains a small business mentality, as they don’t want to lose touch with their customers. A key example of a change LMS Thinking has experienced is the role of outsourcing. When people think of outsourcing, most people see it as a way of cutting jobs and transferring operations to overseas. However, as companies begin to experience the huge benefits local outsourcing provides, more businesses are starting to outsource areas of their company to the local community This displays how the notion of outsourcing has evolved from being viewed as a negative operation into becoming a beneficial tool for businesses.

LMS Thinking is an outsourced customer acquisitions firm with offices in London, New York and Sydney. The firm have implemented a personalised strategy that enables them to evolve with the changes in the direct sales and marketing industry in order to stay ahead of the competition.



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