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Trade waste (also called Business or Commercial Waste) refers to any waste that is produced by a business or commercial activity. Each business has a duty of care relating to the amount of waste produced and how the waste is disposed of as it cannot be disposed of in a domestic refuse bin.

“We aim to work with local companies and become a proactive partner in helping them reduce, reuse and recycle the waste they produce." - James Scarlett (managing director)

The Duty of Care legislation is part of the environmental protection act (1990) and details how a company can meet the requirements, including:

  • Prevent unauthorised or harmful deposit, treatment or disposal of waste;
  • Prevent a failure to meet the requirement;
  • Prevent waste escaping from your control;
  • Ensure any person transferring waste has the correct authorisation; and
  • Provide an accurate description of waste that is transferred.

Failure to adhere to the duty of care and the production of the relevant paperwork may result in the company receiving an unlimited fine, 12 months in prison if convicted via a Magistrates court or 5 years if convicted within a Crown court.

Who are Yes Waste?

Yes Waste Ltd are a fully licensed and insured professional rubbish removal and trade waste collection service to both businesses and households within West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire.

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