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Workplace wellness is a multi-billion pound industry. It has become a corporate buzzword synonymous with luring the best and brightest employees with promises of kale smoothies on tap, and daily yoga classes at your extraordinarily flexible fingertips.

But what happens when that shiny workplace wellbeing programme turns out to be just a giant Elastoplast on the gaping wound of toxic company culture?

A London-based GP is on a mission to turn workplace wellbeing on its head through a revolutionary social enterprise wellbeing programme that will combine her expertise in medicine and mental health with her passion for using creativity as a way to quieten and soothe the mind.

Founder of Wellgood Wellbeing Dr Zoe Watson said: "I came up with the idea for Wellgood Wellbeing after having had terrible workplace wellbeing experiences myself - both in the NHS and private healthcare sector. The irony is that the so-called caring professions are in fact some of the worst offenders when it comes to looking after their own staff's wellbeing.

"The problem with many workplace wellbeing programmes is that they don't tackle the root cause of most workplace stress - toxic company culture. You can shower your employees with freebies and massage their gristly, tense shoulders into next week - but if your company doesn't create a culture in which it is genuinely acceptable to talk about your mental health struggles without any repercussions, then you will never have happy, healthy employees.

"At Wellgood Wellbeing we put employees front and centre in their wellbeing journey. They are in charge and can customise the programme to exactly their needs. This helps them feel valued, in control and trusted. No more 'managing stress at work' seminars. Instead we ask why is there stress in your workplace and what can we do to help you fix it?”

And the 'wellbeing disruptor' does not stop there. Dr Zoe's new business is in fact a social enterprise - the purpose of which is to bring her customisable and consistent wellbeing programme straight to frontline NHS staff and key workers through offering a subsidised membership rate of £5 per month. 

"We are currently crowdfunding to build our multimedia, engaging and fun platform which will offer a range of wellbeing support materials - from mindful craft tutorials, evidence based health articles, greener living tips, yoga and guided meditation videos and so much more. It's a really exciting project and we can't wait to get it into the hands of those who need it most."

On its crowdfunding page you will find lots of information about how it is planning to support NHS and key workers through The Everywell Project - as well as all of the amazing things which are included in a Wellgood membership - take a look by clicking the link below:


The Wellgood Wellbeing platform is due to launch for both individual and business memberships in late Autumn 2021.

Wellgood Wellbeing and The Everywell Project are trading names for Wonderwell Wellbeing Ltd and Wonderwell Community CIC respectively.



Dr Zoe Watson Founder of Wellgood Wellbeing

Email: zoekwatson@gmail.com

Phone: 07826613078

About Dr Zoe Watson

  • Zoe is originally from Glasgow - and brings that Glaswegian sense of humour and approachability into everything she does. She now lives in London with her husband and two young children. She is a passionate advocate for social equality.
  • The well good wellbeing platform is a social enterprise wellbeing platform which will be offering subsidised memberships to NHS and key workers as a priority.
  • Zoe is a fully qualified NHS GP with a special interest in mental health. She also runs a creative workshop business called Make and Create which focuses on helping people use creativity to quieten the mind. It is these skill sets which she is combining to bring together the Wellgood Wellbeing Membership Platform.

About Wellgood Wellbeing

  • Wellgood Wellbeing is a tiered membership programme bringing down-to-earth, evidence-based health advice to its members, whilst also offering them a vibrant programme of creative workshops, customisable seasonal gift boxes, useful articles on all aspects of wellbeing and a genuinely supportive, connected community.
  • Wellgood Wellbeing is a unique, social enterprise wellbeing company which values purpose over profit. It raises funds to subsidise NHS and key worker memberships through its Everywell Project. It is through this strategy that Zoe hopes to break down barriers to accessing high-quality resources and bring them directly to those who need them most.
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