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The new service is aimed at minimising the time and cost of setting up I.T. operations in a new territory – London.

As most directors and CTO’s know, seamless delivery of products and services is key when entering a new territory. This means, more often than not, integrating the new setup with existing systems, and that’s where CareWare are helping new and existing clients. From sourcing hardware to understanding the policies for laying fibre in the City of London, CareWare are offering consultancy and implementation services to speed-up the process of setting up offices/warehouses/event spaces for their clients.

CareWare offer I.T. support, consultancy and management services. CareWare are offering the vast experience and expertise in delivering I.T. services within the City of London for their clients to leverage.

“Our clients typically have a plan and strategy for their entry into new territories and we are their hands on the ground to support them as they implement their plan,”  said Tyrone Goulbourne, director of operations at CareWare.

“It is imperative that we understand, fully, our clients’ requirements and equip ourselves to deliver them. Our track record tells its own story and we’re looking to build upon this.”

“Our clients choose us because they trust that we will deliver exactly what they need, when they need it. This is the message we want to share,” concluded Tyrone Goulbourne.

CareWare are attracting businesses arriving in London with their agile way of working and speed of response and delivery. And with 24/7 international support and implementation teams at the ready this growing business looks to be well positioned to take advantage of the current and future movement into and out of London (should Brexit actually happen).

You can find out more about CareWare IT Solutions at the company website or alternatively, you can contact CareWare by calling 0203 463 7103.

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