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Statistically, 80 per cent of people will have given up by January 12th. Cabernet Marketing has run a workshop to help their team eradicate excuses to help them join the 20 per cent who reach their new year goals.

Cabernet Marketing has developed a list of bad habits to ditch in 2020 if you’re serious about success:

Stop checking social media at work. While great for advertising and keeping in touch with family and friends, chances are it is crippling productivity. Checking one tagged post can potentially lead to hours of distraction. The platforms often interlink posts and links designed to capture your attention. Cabernet Marketing recommends using break time to source industry news which will help you reach your goals and add value to your day.

Don’t be content underachieving; now is the time to start overachieving. It is good practice to begin by setting varying goals. Outlining the minimum standard and adding goals which push boundaries for days where everything goes to plan. Set out rewards for each time you reach the next level of productivity. Each month increase the minimum standard goal to force natural progression.

Focus on one task at a time, STOP MULTITASKING! Despite what we think conclusive studies show that only 2 per cent of people can successfully multitask, leaving the 98 per cent seeing a dip in productivity and a heap of unfinished projects. Instead learn to schedule your time better, place tasks in order of priority and tackle one at a time. Productivity is guaranteed to increase.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Not everyone’s goals are the same. Keeping focused on your journey is vital to achieving success. Quite often, we compare ourselves to others perceived success. Social media is the quickest way to derail; people only post their highlight reel, so avoid comparing your life to what you see online. Cabernet recommends regularly revisiting personal goals and recognising progress and embracing the journey. Each obstacle will provide a valuable lesson.

Amy Bushell, Founder and Managing Director of Cabernet Marketing released a statement on goals. “Dress it up how you like. If it means something to you, you will find a way. There is only one thing that will get in the way of reaching your goals in 2020, and that is you. My advice is finding a mentor who will hold you accountable, question when you fall short and help lift you when needed.”

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Cabernet Marketing offers its clients highly personalised event-marketing solutions. They are on the lookout for fresh talent in 2020 to complement their team; enquires can be sent through their website.

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