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Starting a business may seem like a huge, costly, daunting task or maybe a gamble but taking a risk is the fun part. Any business-minded person will tell you that success comes at a great price, and that means taking a business risk.

Many people start literally from the bottom-up, while others are fortunate enough to supersede others; but where does one draw the courage to create and run a successful business? Luckily, we sat down with Louis Junior Tshakoane (30) to talk about his best-selling book.

The high-flyer is an ambitious young man who grew up with a desire to someday pursue a footballing career to follow in his father’s footsteps Louis Tshakoane [former Kaiser Chiefs spin doctor]. Louis Jr admits that soccer did not work-out for him, in fact – he spun his attention to business instead. He used to play diski for Kempton Park Football Club.

While at Edenglen High School, the mover and shaker had to make a vital decision – one that would remodel his life.

“I choose to be a businessman because I saw a gap which I could exploit to transform my life and influence those around me. Financial stability is very key. Of course, we all start somewhere but our backgrounds are distinct and so are our financial reasons,” he said.

Louis Jr was inspired by Sir Richard Branson, a British business magnate, investor, author and philanthropist. Sir Branson founded the Virgin Group in the 1970s, which controls more than 400 companies in various fields. The books Louis Jr read are called ‘Screw it, Let’s do it’ and ‘Losing My Virginity’ both written by Sir Branson [has over 15 books].

“I attained ample knowledge about business and wealth after reading Sir Branson’s books. I fell in love with his work and the incredible man he is. I not only wanted to be just like him – but I wanted to learn his tactics and his brilliant ways of doing business – and how he managed to have such success. I wrote a letter to him [at age 15] back in high school and my father helped get the missive to Sir Branson,” Louis Jr.

In the letter, Louis Jr said: “Sir Branson, I want you to help the previously disadvantaged youth in a township I live close by to own a fitness centre [Botho Gym]. I indicated to him that he didn’t necessarily have to spend money, instead, give me any unused but functional equipment. He loved the letter so much and decided to give me R2 million worth of gym equipment and R500k to renovate the site. Sir Branson even came to the launch of the gym,” he said.

Louis Jr got an opportunity to work for luxury vehicle selling company before moving to UBS South Africa. At UBS, a Financial Services Provider offering corporate finance, equities sales and trading and equities research services – he learned about the financial market. The savoir-faire he acquired while working for the organisation made him admire trading.

Today, Louis Jr is a young and prosperous grandee whose full-time career is in forex trading using his own finances. He became a millionaire at the age of 15 because of the Branson sponsorship. He continues to work hard to help others achieve financial freedom through his book called "Forex Millionaires In 365 Days By God’s Grace".

With 2000+ pre-ordered and copies sold online before the book launch, he has struck the needs of many aspiring forex traders around the world.

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