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Former world class wheelchair tennis players Louise Hunt Skelley PLY and Samanta Bullock have collaborated to create a new venture EnableRise. 

EnableRise is a groundbreaking business dedicated to promoting inclusivity, empowerment, and positive change for forward-looking companies and organisations who want to embrace people of all abilities.  

As pioneers in disability advocacy, Louise and Samanta bring a wealth of experience and passion to EnableRise. Their mission is to create a more inclusive and equitable society through impactful public talks, workshops and consultancy services. 

Louise Hunt Skelley, who lives in Swindon, enjoyed an impressive career in wheelchair tennis, representing Great Britain at the Rio and Tokyo Paralympics. She won 13 singles and 41 doubles titles, reaching a career-high world ranking of 10.

Now self-employed, Louise excels in commentating and presenting at major events like Wimbledon and the Paralympic Games. She also mentors young people in schools, helping them develop life and employability skills through sports, and provides consulting on diversity and inclusion.

Louise has joined forces with Samanta Bullock, who has been a wheelchair user since 1992 following a life-changing injury. Before her injury, Samanta was an active model, handball, and tennis player. Sam is the former Brazilian number wheelchair tennis number one, doubles silver medallist at ParaPan Am, playing three World Team Cups for Brazil.

Post-accident, she has excelled in various fields including politics, tennis, and particularly in the world of inclusive and sustainable fashion. Co-owner of I AM Perfection and London Represents, she tutors at Central Saint Martins and the CEO of Bullock Inclusion a CIC that promotes inclusive fashion and sport.

Samanta, who now lives in London, performed in the 2012 Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony and continues to share her experiences to raise awareness about empowerment, inclusive fashion, and active lifestyles, considered for five times the 100 most influential disable people in UK.

Despite coming from different countries and backgrounds, Louise and Samanta's shared passion for wheelchair tennis and their advocacy for the disabled community has bonded them over many years.

Louise said: “We have been working on this project for months in the background and I’m so happy that it’s now a reality. We want to work together positively to change perceptions around disability and ability and help ambitious organisations, companies and entrepreneurs to embrace what diversity really means.”

Samanta is equally passionate: "Inclusion is not a trend; it is the foundation upon which we built our business. We are dedicated to educating the industry, guiding them on a journey to understand and embrace inclusion. Our mission is to simplify this path, breaking down stigmas and motivating others to join us in creating a world where everyone is valued and represented.” 

Joining them as consultants and speakers within EnableRise will be their respective partners.

Christopher Hunt Skelley MBE is a Paralympic Judoka Champion who won gold at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. Diagnosed with ocular albinism at 19, Chris overcame significant challenges to excel in Judo, winning numerous medals and holding the world number one ranking in two weight categories. He is also an ambassador for several charities, has won multiple awards, and received an MBE in 2022. He hopes to qualify to compete again at Paris 2024.

Mark Bullock has 30 years of experience in Paralympic and disability sport, sports development, and the social impact of sport.

Passionate about diversity, inclusion, and wellbeing, he has travelled to over 80 countries developing wheelchair tennis and attended multiple Paralympic and Olympic Games. Mark is an experienced leader, coach, mentor, and consultant, as well as a seasoned public speaker and blogger on inclusive sport and physical activity.

EnableRise launched at the prestigious premises of the Lawn Tennis Association in London. VIP guests included Lily Mills, a gold medallist at the Learning Disability National Championships and Special Olympics GB Team member, and Joao Alfredo dos Anjos, Brazil’s Consul General and Ambassador to the UK, as well as Jordanne Whiley MBE, multiple grand slam tennis champion and paralympic medallist. 

Louise expressed her gratitude to those who supported the launch saying: “We are absolutely thrilled by the incredible support we received at the launch of EnableRise. 

“It was heartwarming to see so many passionate individuals come together to champion inclusivity and empowerment within our community. Samanta and I couldn't be more excited about the journey ahead as we strive to create positive change and foster a more inclusive society.”

EnableRise is set to make significant strides in disability advocacy, fostering a society where inclusivity and equity are at the forefront.

*Photo shows Louise Hunt Skelley PLY and Samanta Bullock (front) and Chris Hunt Skelley MBE, Mark Bullock and Joao Alfredo dos Anjos (back) at the launch of their new consultancy and advocacy business EnableRise. Photograph taken by Marcello Quinonhez

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