Facebook has announced a new feature to it's US IM app – free calling for US iPhone users! It's hoped the feature will attract new users to the social media platform's instant messenger tool by helping them to avoid costly carrier charges.

Users can connect via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G using the Facebook Messenger app and make delightfully free calls to each other anywhere in the US by opening a conversation with a contact and using the “i” icon to access the "Free Call" menu feature. The service is limited to other Facebook users with the Facebook Messenger app installed on their iPhone. Users cannot call landlines or Facebook contacts who are logged in via a browser.

It's been announced that the next step for the app is to integrate the free calls feature with Android and Blackberry user apps (so now might be a good time to sell Nokia handsets!)

But before rushing off to sell your iPhone in disgust at being left out, Facebook has announced the intention to broaden the service to include various other places like our dear old UK. No word as yet on when this could happen, but we'll keep readers posted from Money4Machines rumour HQ!

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