LuCreative believe the best way of expanding growth and finding new clients is through frequently attending networking events both locally, across the country and internationally. The firm feels that it is a fantastic way to mingle and bounce ideas off fellow industry professionals. The firm also sees networking as the perfect opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to see first hand the benefits of such events.  

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However, LuCreative recognises that some people aren’t natural when it comes to social environments and networking. There are a number of traits that will set a great networker apart from an average one; these skills are directly transferable into the sales and marketing world, so it's incredibly important to hone in on these traits.   

LuCreative believes that in order to be a great networker professionals need to be:  

A good listener:  

Being a good listener must be above all the top skill. In order to be a successful networker, it all comes down to how well we can listen, adapt and learn. A great networker will understand that it is not possible to help others if they don’t know what they need. Networking is all about connecting the links but in order to help professionals need to listen first to make those connections.  

A positive attitude:  

This is ultimately the first aspect networkers will see when they first meet. A bad or negative attitude is obviously going to breed uncomfortable vibes and can alienate individuals.   

Come across as sincere and authentic: 

Individuals who offer to help others, but lack sincerity will prove to me a unsuitable networking associate. Great networkers are able to convey their sincerity at every opportunity.  

Be trustworthy:   

It is incredibly important to come across as trustworthy. Great networkers have to trust referral partners and be trusted in return. Nobody will refer a contact to someone who can't be trusted to handle it well. 

Be approachable:  

LuCreative uphold the popular expression, “people can forget what you said and aspects about you, but they will never forget how you made them feel”. Coming across as approachable will help people feel comfortable. Strong and effective networking always starts with approachability.  

LuCreative knows all about the importance of networking this is why they teach their contractors these skills. The firm helps their staff through methods such as weekly workshops, one-to-one mentoring and the most important part, giving their workforce the opportunity to attend events for themselves so they can put their skills into practice.  



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