LuCreative is a direct sales and marketing company contributing to bridging the gap between their client's brand and customer base, through the use of personalized marketing solutions. With a diverse team of sales and marketing entrepreneurs, the firm is conscious that business has a duty of care to ensure equal opportunities are available regardless of gender. The company is committed to their advancement on merit, and their explicitly set out progression path is designed to offer equal chances to all.

About LuCreative:

Looking into modern research presented by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the World Health Organisation, the firm was intrigued by the 15-country analytical research centred around gender stereotypes. One finding from the study was that regardless of countries natural diversity, gender constraints worked as a social and developmental straightjacket, forcing boys to be independent and brave and women to be reliant on males to provide a sustainable lifestyle. These results were the same irrespective of social class, income, or culture. Researchers recognized the gender gap was identifiable in children as young as ten years old. "We found children at a very early age — from the most conservative to the most liberal societies — quickly internalise this myth that girls are vulnerable and boys are strong and independent," Robert Blum, director of the Global Early Adolescent Study, said. "And this message is being constantly reinforced at almost every turn, by siblings, classmates, teachers, parents, guardians, relatives, clergy and coaches."

Working with a diverse set of entrepreneurs, the firm has developed a strong reputation for their ability to produce a level playing field which encourages natural progression and equal opportunities for all staff and contractors. The company considers every individual equal, offering a tailored advancement plan which draws on existing strengths and sets about working on any areas that may create any setbacks in the future. Advancement is being provided on a work ethic and achievement basis, with a no seniority working environment everyone passes through the same criteria needed to progress to the next stage in their career. The firm's commitment to rewarding hard work has boosted productivity within the firm. With a clear understanding that hard work and determination is the only way to succeed in the industry, the firm believes they level the playing field of success for everyone.


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