Luke has recently returned from travelling across the globe to meet with influential entrepreneurs in the industry and share his business advice with up and coming business owners. Having flown to New York in July, the BamBoosh CEO attended an insightful annual conference. Using examples from his own experience as a young brand representative, Luke divulged the many opportunities available to young professionals in the sales and marketing industry, detailing how individuals should prepare themselves to rise up the ranks, building relationships with customers and winning over clients.

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The business owner’s most recent industry appearance was at a two day seminar in London earlier this month, during which he shared his experiences running a successful sales and marketing company. The invite-only seminar was an all-day event hosted at London's Hilton Bankside hotel and included a number of insightful guest talks from high profile entrepreneurs. The keynote speakers also conducted a series of Q&A's on leadership, business management and recruitment.

Attendees were given the chance to learn new sales tactics, introduced to the latest marketing strategies, direct from innovative industry pioneers. Luke expressed how the London event was an exciting opportunity for the Maidstone-based company to deliver their observations to a room full of ambitious associates.

Bamboosh are proud providers of outsourced sales and marketing solutions. The firm are specialists in customer acquisition and direct marketing for client brands and pride themselves in taking an active role in the personal development of their contractors. Brands regularly hire Bamboosh to conduct extensive marketing campaigns on their behalf due to the firm’s reputation to build long lasting customer bases in the Maidstone area. The firm plan, develop and test marketing campaigns designed specifically to suit the target audience of any brand. Bamboosh is committed to making their services highly customisable, personable and cost-effective solutions for any brand looking to increase their long-term customer base and hit their short-term growth targets.

Event: http://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/united-kingdom/hilton-london-bankside-LONSBHI/about/amenities.html

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