LGB Direct attended the awards at the Royal Festival Hall where the building managed to host approximately 2000 young entrepreneurs and business owners. The ceremony lasted about 6-7 hours and between the motivational speakers from the industry and the awards they had the opportunity to listen to James Caan, famous entrepreneur in the UK from the Dragon's Den. James Caan spoke about his beginning as an entrepreneur, the efforts he put in to grow personally and professionally and his achievements so far. Surprised and impressed with the crowd his message was one of encouragement for the young entrepreneurs: "The entrepreneur is the one who rises through the ranks. The core message that I can share with you today is: yes it's tough, yes it's difficult, yes the market is really challenging right now; but if you believe in you, if you believe in where you want to be, I think everybody has the opportunity to be successful, all you have to do is create a path that is designed for your motivations and your ambitions."

LGB Direct's MD, Lyudmil Borisov, was the winner in the two categories he was nominated in. The first for Outstanding Achievement in Business for the year 2011 and the second award he won was for running a profitable and stable business in the first two years of existence. Lyudmil Borisov’s speech was simple: "Two years ago I was sitting in the crowd. That moment in time is when I realised that I want to achieve something more. I knew it would take a lot of hard work and I started to put my efforts and dedication in achieving my goals. Consistent actions create consistent results however the difference between good and great lays in the details. I always bear in mind something that I once read in a book: When times are tough these too shall pass; when times are great these too shall pass. Stay consistent, logic and pay attention to the small details."

LGB Direct thoroughly enjoyed the event and was very proud to accept the awards in front of so many great entrepreneurs.  Lydumil Borisov made clear his business LGB Direct has big goals for 2012 and he plans to continue the company’s success with a planned expansion into a new market by the 2nd quarter of 2012.



LGB Direct is a direct marketing and sales company established in the beginning of 2010 by Lyudmil Borisov. 
Our success throughout the recent economic climate has given us credibility within the industry that money just can't buy. We have assisted our clients increase their customer acquisition, drive sales, market exciting services and develop brand awareness to generate a strong and loyal customer following.

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