Originally due to end in April 2017, the exhibition was extended by the Victoria Gallery & Museum to July 2017. On extending the exhibition, Paul Gallagher, the Director of the VG&M, explained, "I am delighted and honoured to have played even just a very small part in the delivery and continued appreciation of Out Of Time."

At the Private View, the work of Andrew Fekete was introduced by Prof. Doug Clelland, Emeritus Professor of Architecture of John Moore's University, Liverpool.

Peter Corbett, an international award winning artist and poet, speaking on video after the Private View of the Exhibition, said: "the psychospace is actually really, really powerful. To produce work of that quality before the age of thirty-two - usually an artist matures over many years - to produce that kind of quality of work at that age is quite impressive."

An anthology of Andrew's writings, The Quest for Gold, has been published by the Liverpool University Press. Collated by his brother Peter, the book comprises key works from Andrew Fekete’s opus and diaries, and deals with his development as an artist, his visions and his experiment in Jungian alchemy – the intentional creation of visionary experiences to manifest unconscious archetypes to consciousness.

Some of the fifty plus diaries were also on display in the exhibition. Matt McCall, co-curator of the Exhibition, expresses his feelings about them:

"The diaries. What beautiful things they are. Truly excellent. I found a number of sketches from 70s Liverpool that brought back memories of my own childhood, albeit a few years later. They really are remarkable artefacts and records of a time now lost forever. Thank you for letting me see them."

Peter Fekete expresses his thanks to the staff of the VG&M, to former director, Matthew Clough, whose idea the exhibition originally was, to Paul Gallagher and to Matt McCall.

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