According to new research conducted by Marketing Week, marketers fear that they will have to do more with less money in the coming year. While they feel confident about their job security and career opportunities, they expect further budget cuts in a slowly growing economy. Gavin Walsh at MarketStorm Global states: "Advertising is crucial for businesses in order to keep up with competitors. It might be a false conclusion to predict company growth while decreasing marketing budgets."

The inaugural marketing confidence monitor from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) supported by Deloitte and Forbes, surveyed over 1,200 marketers nationwide. The study reveals that half of the marketers questioned anticipate their organisation’s financial and growth targets will increase in 2013. However, they are worried that they won’t have the resources to help turn targets into reality. Gavin Walsh at MarketStorm Global finds it worrying that 60% of those marketers expecting increased company targets, report that their marketing budgets will either remain stagnant or be cut.

Gavin Walsh says: "With decreasing budgets it is important that marketers become more innovative and creative." With companies focusing more on return on investment, marketers are obliged to produce results. Gavin Walsh at MarketStorm Global recommends therefore direct selling as an alternative to mass media tools. He says: "It is personal, very cost-effective and produces direct and measurable results." Furthermore, direct selling has been remaining fairly resilient in the face of economic uncertainties according to 

Gavin Walsh, Managing Director of MarketStorm Global, an outsourced direct sales and marketing company based in Leeds, looks very positively in the future. "I can see that companies from different industries look for new options to promote and market their products and services." Gavin Walsh explains that businesses realise that outsourcing to professionals is certainly more cost-effective. Additionally, it allows them to concentrate on other important areas of their business in order to enhance financial growth. Paul Southworth, General Director of UK DSA, confirms this trend: "The economic climate will still be very challenging, but what our industry has proved this year, is that our model is strong and has survived the crisis as well. For this reason looking into 2013 fills me with optimism and confidence ("


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Our approach at MarketStorm Global Ltd is to provide our clients with a young, vibrant and 100% committed approach to marketing. We provide a top quality face to face acquisition service that will gain vast results. Providing customers with details about our clients products on a face-to-face level as opposed to the use of mail-drops or call centres, allows us to measure results more effectively. Customers are also able to make a more informed and educated decision. Together this only results in one thing… both customer and client satisfaction.

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