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A new study of the outsourcing market in the UK from sourcing advisor Equaterra shows that outsourcing is increasing in popularity among major UK organisations. The UK study examined £8bn worth of contracts, which included 330 of the biggest UK contracts from 125 of the top IT spending organisations in the UK. Of those surveyed, 63% are looking to outsource more this year, compared with 54% last year. The report suggests the use of a third-party business has increased in popularity and the outsourcing model to access specialised services in particular, has become an established and commonly used business tool.

MarketStorm Global Ltd, serving the greater Yorkshire area, was set up to fill a gap in the outsourced event sales and marketing industry ‘We have had no shortage of clients wishing to outsource our event services. It is more cost-effective than training an internal team and can be rolled out in as little as a few days. We have been in business a little over a year and have had unprecedented growth’ states Gavin Walsh, Managing Director of MarketStorm Global Ltd.

In its Outsourcing Service Provider Performance and Satisfaction Study 2008-09, Equaterra found no indication that economic conditions have a significant negative impact on outsourcing in the UK market. MarketStorm Global believe that economic conditions have been the key driver in increasing demand for outsourcing as UK organisations more aggressively seek means to reduce costs and realign operating models to lower revenue levels. According to the report, 80% of those surveyed cite further cost savings as the principal driver for increasing existing levels of outsourcing, while 25% would outsource more to gain greater financial flexibility.

MarketStorm Global Ltd estimate the demand for their outsourced services will increase by a further 15% throughout 2013. The firm have plans to increase their market reach by the 3rd quarter of this year in order to offer a broader range of event locations for their growing portfolio of clients.


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