MarketStorm Global Ltd specialise in outsourced event sales and marketing campaigns across venues and pop-up stores in Leeds and throughout Yorkshire. Businesses hire MarketStorm Global Ltd to spearhead their promotional direct marketing campaigns due to their admirable reputation for high levels of engagement and interactions with business professionals and customers. It is their use of face-to-face marketing campaigns that generate a higher return on investment (ROI) than any other outsourced service in the highly competitive sales and marketing market.

Brand impressions play an integral part into how people view a brand, so it’s essential to ensure a positive perception is conveyed every time. Traditionally, it has been the marketing department that has developed a close relationship with brand management. However, today’s current market has seen that all areas of a business contribute to shaping the view of a brand. Due to this new increase of people that participate in building a positive and dynamic brand for their business, it has become even more critical for companies to understand which aspects of their business influences how customers perceive their brand and how they should be acting on achieving positive brand impressions ( Head of brand and customer experience GfK, Ian Stanfield, conducted the research for this study and said, “The number of ways that consumers have their perceptions of brands influenced has never been broader.” Gavin Walsh, managing director at MarketStorm Global Ltd, stresses the importance of first impressions ‘Customer experience is a large factor that affects brand perception. All it takes is for one bad first impression to impact a customer’s decision to not make a purchase’ states Mr Walsh.

MarketStorm Global Ltd is a vibrant outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Leeds who offer cost-effective event campaigns and customer acquisitions services using a direct marketing strategy. The firm have developed an excellent reputation for their high-level of customer service. MarketStorm Global Ltd will continue to ensure every interaction with a customer is a positive one, as first impressions are an integral part to how customers view a brand.


MarketStorm Global Ltd are a young and vibrant Outsourced Sales and Marketing company who specialise in customer acquisitions, using the direct marketing strategy.

We pride ourselves on developing the sales and longevity of growth for our clients quickly and efficiently by using effective direct marketing campaigns in Leeds and throughout the UK.

By creating engaging and compelling face-to-face marketing campaigns we generate a higher ROI than any other outsourced service in our market.

Why Use MarketStorm Global Ltd?

  • We Provide deep customer insights
  • We define your marketing strategy
  • We provide campaign management
  • We are the next generation of marketing

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