Direct marketing specialists, Emora encourage their staff and contractors to find a suitable coach/mentor to guide them on their business journey, because the presence of a mentor can help strengthen an individual's business and entrepreneurial skills. Mentors are valuable in helping a new business owner get their business off the ground because no matter how talented an entrepreneur is, there will always be challenges that can only be overcome with the assistance of a mentor who has the experience to overcome the obstacle.

Emora states that an effective mentor will have the most valuable impact on a person's career; this is because they help with both personal and professional development, in addition to providing opportunities for growth. Because of this, the firm believes that it is important to maximise the use of a mentor through these three tips.

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Don't be scared to seek out a mentor - take the time to find the right mentor for both involved because a good relationship between a mentor and their mentee is based on well-suited personalities. It's worth the effort to find the right fit so a mentor can share their experiences that will be more accurate and relevant.

Learn to recognise life's opportunities- an effective mentor will not want to be copied, so it is important for the mentee to seek out their opportunities so that they can be guided on their path to success. A mentor will need their mentee to believe in their ability.

Remember that mentorship flows both ways - when working with a mentor, the mentee must deliver their A game; this means taking on new tasks and other responsibilities to show how dedicated they are to want to be successful.

Managing director of Emora, Lauren Harrison, acts as a mentor to fellow professionals in the sales and marketing industry because she believes mentors are crucial to the business success of an individual.

The MD guides young entrepreneurs through their journey of learning and developing sales and marketing skills while coaching them in qualities such as leadership to enhance their opportunities for future business success.

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