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Managing director of Executive Touch James Sagar has worked incredibly hard over the years to create a successful and growing business. With Executive Touch on the brink of more expansion into new cities, countries and markets we asked Managing Director James Sagar what had helped him and enabled him to have success in what has been a hard and difficult economic climate.

Learning about the foundations of the business and how it all started it was clear to see the mindset James had was that of an Entrepreneur.

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We asked James if he could give us some insight on what made him a successful Entrepreneur here’s what we found…

Tips of How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

1: Be passionate and believe in what you want to achieve

This is such an important factor of being successful if your not passionate about what you do then it will most likely mean you will fall at the first hurdle. You have to be willing to work long hours and sacrifice certain things in order for you to achieve your ambitions and goals.

2: Commit to a business model

Stay focused on what your trying to achieve its very easy to loose sight of the final outcome and don’t get side tracked from your original plan or what you want to achieve, take one day at a time and stick to the blueprint.

3: Nothing comes easy work HARD

There’s no easy way to achieve success entrepreneurs give 100% in everything they do, nothing is an overnight success it takes hard work and determination. It may take many years to see your business become a success, but if you’re willing to apply the time, effort and hard work then you’ll defiantly be on the road to success

4: Trust your gut instinct:

Believe in yourself and your vision, don’t allow self-doubt to creep in, you may have several questions and concerns from friends or family but have faith in your ability to be successful and keep moving forward.

5: Be a risk – taker

Any form of business can be "risky business" whether you’re just starting up or you’ve been running a successful business for many years we all have to take certain risks along the way. These risks may not always work out as we would hope but nothing is plane sailing sometimes you’ve got to take a risk to reap the rewards.

6: Enjoy the journey

Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the journey it can be stressful but remember it’s always worth it in the end. Keep your passion alive and celebrate when you hit a milestone. Don’t loose sight of your final goal have fun and enjoy the ride. 

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