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Wednesday 24 July 2019

Medical cannabis was legalised in the UK by the Home Office in November 2018 yet only a handful of patients have managed to access.

There is conclusive or substantial evidence that medical cannabis may be of benefit for several medical conditions including drug resistant epilepsy, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis and nausea in cancer related chemotherapy.

Whilst not a first line treatment, medicinal cannabis may be useful where patients have exhausted all other treatment options.

Uptake amongst the UK medical community has been slow as they are simply not educated or trained to use medical cannabis as a treatment option. Prescribing has been limited to specialists only.

We need to give general practitioners the ability to prescribe medicinal cannabis in the UK. GP’s are well placed to prescribe as they are trained to monitor chronically ill patients, they see them regularly and well placed to monitor patients after care. In the case of patients suffering from chronic pain GP’s already are allowed to prescribe a large array of other pharmaceutical options such as opioids.

There is also a good economic argument that if medical cannabis has the potential to keep chronically ill patients out of hospital then it could be cash flow positive for the NHS.

Medical Choices UK was set up to provide much needed education to health professionals about medicinal cannabis and advocate for its use as a treatment option. We are running a series of scientific educational seminars across the country in September including in the following dates:

Medical Choices UK have a number of qualified speakers including pharmacists, doctors, researchers, patients advocates and a cannabis economist.

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