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Digitimer Ltd have announced that it has agreed terms with the administrators for the acquisition of Gaeltec Ltd, an Isle of Skye based medical device manufacturer which has been in administration since March 2010.  Under new management by Digitimer, Gaeltec will be re-launched as Gaeltec Devices Limited.  It is expected that the new company will re-employ most of Gaeltec's former staff, allowing this high-tech business, vital to the local economy, to continue operations from Dunvegan, Isle of Skye, Scotland.

Digitimer's Managing Director, John Smale said “I am particularly excited by this opportunity to re-vitalize a business that is important to us and our customers, as well as making use of the expertise that exists within Gaeltec.  We have plans to develop the Gaeltec product range and increase marketing, thereby strengthening the position of the company.  In return, Digitimer will have access to new skill sets in the design, manufacture and assembly of miniature medical electronics, which can be transferred to our own products and into our sub-contract manufacturing business.”

About Gaeltec

Gaeltec has been manufacturing miniature catheter tip pressure transducers and associated medical and research pressure measurement equipment since 1971. The company designs and produces thin film resistive strain gauge sensors, housings and catheters at their Dunvegan premises.  Gaeltec also developed a range of catheter-mounted electrodes for electrocardiography (ECG), electromyography (EMG) and stimulation.  Collaboration with researchers in many fields has led to successful products for clinical and research applications, e.g. gastrointestinal, oesophageal, anorectal and urodynamic pressure transducers, as well as ambulatory data recorders and software.

Other medical experimental and research applications include sleep, speech and breathing studies as well as progress monitoring in drug trials.  From these projects, Gaeltec have developed a wide range of standard catheter tip pressure transducers and techniques that can be used in different combinations allowing a flexible solution to new problems in the field of pressure measurement.

About Digitimer

A privately held company, Digitimer Ltd was established in 1972 to design and manufacture electronic equipment for medical and research applications.  Their current product range includes a number of  electrical stimulators and amplifiers which are used in clinical neurophysiology departments and operating theatres all over the world.

In 2006 Digitimer acquired some products, brand name, distributor rights and key personnel from Lectromed (UK) Ltd.  The acquisition by Digitimer represented a diversification and expansion into the complementary field of clinical manometry and associated accessories, including devices supplied and manufactured by Gaeltec.  The urodynamics product range has recently been enhanced with the launch of www.mypessary.com, a web shop for continence aids.

Digitimer is based in Welwyn Garden City, 20 miles North of London.  From this office, Digitimer carries out manufacturing, marketing and worldwide sales of its products.

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