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Meditation is often considered as a practice for relaxing and only for the mind, however, people fail to realise that meditation practice can actually act as a effective tool for weight loss.

The most important reason why people fail to lose weight is because of the lack of will power or lack of determination and meditation can actually help to stay determined and balanced so that one can reach his/her weight-loss goals.

Important point to remember is that all of our physical actions begin as a thought in our mind first and when strong enough, then only transform into physical activity.

If you want to exercise every day for one hour, then first you have to decide it in your mind and make your mind stronger so as not to leave exercise in between.

Similarly, if you think junk food is making your waistline bigger and you want to stop eating it, you first have to make a decision to change your eating habits which is again at your mental level.

One can begin with at least 15 minutes meditation each day. After meditation one can feel more balanced and calm.

This enables one to be in the right mood to exercise and helps to avoid emotional overeating. In addition meditation can help you to stay calm and balanced throughout the day and assist you in your determination to lose weight.

Meditation will bring the right mindset and living a healthy life will become your natural choice, effortlessly.

Issued in public interest by celebrity yoga and meditation trainer, Subodh Gupta, based in London. Subodh is author of the book Yogic Breathing Technique for Looking Younger available at Amazon and other leading book stores in the UK and US.

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