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Luck is a very human concept and one that should remain stuck in the realm of the imagination. When we live in a world which in reality works through chance, probability and random occurrence, it is up to the individual to attempt to push the odds in their favour.

About Memphis Tier One:

Memphis Tier One argue using four simple practices can create luck:

A) Practice being happy – Failure is an often occurrence in the world of business, but why let it take you down. Practice being happy, and look to hit and make that win the next day or continue you do so, until success does turn up.

B) Put in the work – Put in energy, effort and belief into your goals every day. It is the monotonous tasks that create success.

C) Play the long game – success does not happen over night like winning the lottery. True success like running a business and seeing it grow, takes time and you need to wait for results, it is not immediate.

D) Serve others - this could be done as something as simple as inspiring others, those that work with you or support you. There is always the chance such attitude could come back as a reward later on.

As a person develops both personally and in business, they learn more about who they are, see what works and what doesn’t work. This is true for anyone, and one way to achieve this process of learning is to follow the steps, analyse the outcomes of the decisions and make further decisions. It is best to remember that there is no such thing as being lucky. Creating luck or finding any form of success takes some careful consideration from a person’s end and making the end goal a viable reality.

Based in Memphis, the firm drive sales, increase customer acquisition and create unforgettable customer experiences for brand exposure within a clients target market. Memphis Tier One are keen to develop the next super star entrepreneurs. The firm’s business development program advises and help guide aspiring entrepreneurs to become successful businessmen and women in any Industry they choose to move into. The company’s experienced mentors will train the young professionals in the art of sales and marketing, as well as providing leadership opportunities.


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