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Men should choose to wear anything red from the clothes rail if they want to appeal to women, according to new research which says females are "particularly attracted" to men dressed in the colour.

The findings, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, found that despite cultural differences in their respective countries, women in the US, England, China and Germany found men more sexually attractive in red.

The author of the study from the University of Rochester, Andrew Elliot, told Reuters that there is a similar trend in other animal groups as well.

"In chimpanzees, the highest-ranking male turns more red quite dramatically during a competition for primacy,” he explained. "It's a clear status indicator. Females view that, and they go out of their way to mate with the highest ranking male available."

In 2008, researchers from the same university found that men felt more amorous towards women wearing red. The study also showed that women in red were more likely to be asked to a prom date or taken out on an expensive outing.

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