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Meraki Rose has revealed why customers are unwilling to share their data and how direct marketing could help repair customer relationships.

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According to UK-based research company Verve, an increasing number of customers are purposely providing businesses with incorrect data online in order to protect their privacy. 60% of the 2400 customers surveyed admitted to providing false information in fear of privacy concerns. Additionally, almost 20% of which claimed to have given a false address, a third admitted giving an incorrect email address and 23% admitting to providing businesses with the wrong date of birth.

As for the reasons why so many customers are providing businesses with incorrect data the research found that privacy is the main concern among consumers when handing over personal information online with 81% citing major worries about where their information may end up. 77% of customers believe that the information being requested from them is too intrusive, whilst 76% believe that much of the information businesses collect is unnecessary. Meraki Rose a leading sales and event marketing firm understand much of the concerns that customers have when it comes to giving businesses personal information online. After media reports of big global organisations such as eBay falling victim to hackers accessing customers’ personal information the firm believe that it is only natural for customers to be wary of how their information is stored and used. However, the firm also believe that many customers are not made aware of the reasons behind the need for brands to collect this data and that if they knew how their data would be used, they would be less inclined to provide companies with false information. Businesses use much of their customer data to tailor a more personalised service and make sure their marketing approaches are aligned with each customer’s personal preferences. Incorrect data can harm the customer experience and give brands a misleading representation of what it is their target audience wants. Meraki Rose is urging businesses to be more transparent with customers and make a point of keeping customers in the know when it comes to how their data will be used in the future.

Meraki Rose also believes that by requesting information online, businesses are failing to put customers at ease and build the trust needed to nurture strong customer relationships. Instead the firm thinks that businesses should be meeting with customers directly and interacting with them one-to-one in person. This will allow them to clearly communicate why the data they require is so vital and put customers at ease with sharing honest information. Meeting with customers in this way will also help businesses to provide a more personalised service to each customer and convey to each of them that they are a valued part of their brand.

Based in Glasgow, Meraki Rose is a unique event marketing firm that helps their clients gain a positive market reputation through face-to-face customer interaction. The firm creates and implements highly personalised campaigns which targets the ideal consumers for their clients and provides them with the means to form long lasting relationships. This means the firm are able to generate higher than average sales for their clients and collect the relevant data needed to develop the products and services customers crave.


Meraki Rose specialises in a personalised form of marketing in order to generate quality leads for their clients. For more information Follow @MerakiRose on Twitter and Like them on Facebook.

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