Denoting the recent hype about the launch of a new effective and easy weight loss program, Dr. Jade Teta has finally released his program named “Metabolic Prime” which is a metabolism optimising workout program, bringing good news to the obesity victims of all kind. The program doesn’t just offer written training but visual workout session as well, making it extremely simple for users to understand and practice each exercise flawlessly.

Metabolic Prime is a compilation of the most effective, safe and fast workout techniques from the fitness industry as Dr. Jade is a senior fitness expert, integrative physician and personal trainer to many celebrities for 25 years and he has now contributed his experience and knowledge into his program for people who wish to attain a fine, toned and in-shape body within a shorter period of time.

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Metabolic Prime contains multiple workout plans for men and women of any age, keeping their physique requirement and ability in check. According to Dr. Jade, his plan contains a special 15 minute workout that should be done thrice in a week to increase the efficiency of the body’s metabolism which leads to the reduction of a significant amount of fat, leaving the body toned and perfectly muscular.

The program also has another special 45-second exercise for the improvement of metabolism which is recommended to be done early in the morning or before going to bed. The exercise reprograms, recharges and reboots the metabolism of the body and each time refreshes the body for its better functioning.

The Metabolic Prime workout burns calories thrice as fast as it is done in a normal workout plan and takes less time in delivering fine results. It is different from the tradition workout plan as the strategy focuses on normalizing the metabolism first than moving on further.

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The program has scientifically-based exercises, known as Metabolic Rest Training in which a 15 minute session combines high intensity cardio with resistance training exercises to break through the anaerobic threshold of the body, drastically boosting the production of, lactic acid, nitric acid, HGH, etc. which are the important metabolic molecules and only exercises which are short yet fast and intense can trigger its production in the body, resulting in fast weight loss and in-shape physique.

Taking the sneak peek into Jade’s revolutionary program, there are three systematic phases are found on which the whole program is bases. In phase one, it has tiny body movement tips to in order to test the body’s flexibility which is important check the fitness level of the body, improve coordination and balance, and stimulate whole-body metabolism.

Phase two emphases on bringing a perfect shape to the body by spreading important metabolic molecules into the body resulting in fast fat reduction and toning, tightening, and shaping muscles for an in-shape body.

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In the final phase, it contains some movements and food ingredients recommended break metabolic chains in order to boost the production of catecholamine which is a hormone made by adrenal glands that strengthens the metabolism of the body, turning it favorable according to the health and fitness condition of the body.

Joshua Bell, one of the users of Metabolic Prime shares his experience with the product, “I am 35 yo man having 9-5 job hours in which it is extremely difficult for me to take out time for gym and workout for my fitness. I bought some online programs, looking for easy exercises that could be done at home and provide desired results but reading such books takes time to understand and practice the written guidelines exactly as it is being described is a tough job too. But Metabolic Aftershock solved this problem for me by introducing it in the form of DVDs.

All I did it to run them on my laptop and watching and following the steps and exercises shown in the videos. They are easy yet effective, rare and powerful to get you your desired results shortly after the proper workout. It didn’t take me much time but 15 minutes daily to follow the program and within a month, I was able to attain a perfect toned and muscular body. I am satisfied with the results.”

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Metabolic Aftershock not just boosts the metabolism but the testosterone hormone and HGH production as well in order to minimize the effects of aging. It helps in improving heart strength and increases the body’s energy by burning off major amount of calories. It also reduces belly fat and increases lean muscle mass, also good for the patients of hypertension in keeping their blood pressure normal.

Jade’s Metabolic Prime is available online as well as in the hard copies that can be purchases online too in a very affordable price of $37. They also offer three incredible bonuses along with the package, Rapid Results Quick Start Guide, De. Teta’s Anti-Aging Secrets Interview and Fat Torching Burnout Session, all these bonuses cost absolutely no money. In addition to this, 90 days money back guarantee is also given for users’ satisfaction.

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