The first of these collaborations was with Studio Weave in 2009 to produce a tile to use in stairwells up to dado rail height, in a square of mansion block flats in Chiswick. Subsequently we have worked with Martin Brudnizki Design Studio on Las Iguanas in Westfield and Aberdeen, Jamie’s Italian in Islington, St Albans and Union Jacks in Covent Garden. We have also worked with Minako Tanaka to create Lupita East.

We are currently working with Softroom to produce a bespoke pattern tile for the next Wahaca in Waterloo and with Martin Brudnizki Design making the wall tiles for Jamie’s Italian in St Petersburg. We have also worked with Stephen Wright and The house of Dreams.

We sell 23 different coloured and 26 decorative tiles measuring 10.5cm x 10.5cm; hand made metro tiles measuring 6 x13cm and 7 x 21cm. Prices start at 40p. They are suitable for bathrooms and kitchen walls. Whilst similar to Moroccan, Spanish and French handmade tiles they offer the same quality at more affordable prices.

The hand made tiles have distinct characteristics; the tiles are slightly convex or concave. When installed this creates a pillowed effect. The light bounces back of the tiles at slightly different angles creating a surface with a broader range of tones than machine made tiles. The surface is glazed and has a natural crackle, which can be enhanced or made to disappear depending on the grout colour. A surface can be tiled in a single colour, a pattern or a grouping. The tiles look good in both traditional and contemporary settings.

The Mexican hand made ceramic wall tiles are made in a family run workshop in Dolores Hidalgo. The whole process from digging the clay to firing and decorating the tiles is carried out by individual workshops. The hand made tiles are made using a mixture of three different types of clay and an ingredient that adds flexibility to the mixture. The clay is rolled out and cut by hand. The Mexican tiles are fired in a kiln. They are then glazed and fired again. Variation in colour and size is created by the position the tiles are in the kiln, the length of time they are in the kiln and the composition of clay. The different prices of glazed tile are reflective of the difficulty in achieving those colours. For example orange and red are harder to achieve then blues and greens.

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