Based in London, UK, we operate recording studios on a global scale to reach our international client base. From our core group of studios we have developed a number of other services such as producer and engineer management rosters, recording studio design and construction, and a high-end drum sample library, Drumdrops. 

At the heart of Miloco’s business are some of the very best recording studios London, the UK and continental Europe have to offer, with expansion in other continents such as Asia and North America also now underway. We provide tracking and mixing studios, residential recording studios, writing studios, mastering suites, orchestral recording studios and long-term let spaces for all projects and budgets, alongside remote online mixing and online mastering services mainly based out of our London rooms, but available to anyone anywhere. 

Our ambition is to provide artists, producers, engineers and writers around the world with the ideal studio and location for their project, therefore the facilities we are collaborating with and that are presented on Miloco’s content and feature rich website are based in all sorts of locations; major cities, coastal towns, countryside retreats, paradise islands and inspiring parks and mountain ranges. You can view Miloco’s full collection of recording, mixing, writing and mastering studios here:

At Miloco we believe that the right producer, recording engineer, mixer and masterer is just as important to ensure the production of a great record as the quality of the studio and equipment you use, if not more so. Therefore we are proud to represent two fantastic rosters of producers and engineers who can be hired by our clients. The first, Gotham Producers, features a selection of some of the most celebrated young studio professionals in the industry who cover a host of genres including rock, pop, indie, hip-hop and more. Between them the guys on Gotham have worked with high profile artists far and wide including Madonna, John Legend, Florence and the Machine, Arctic Monkeys, Kylie and Rodrigo Y Gabriela. Visit to read about Gotham’s producers and engineers. 

The second roster is made up of Miloco’s in-house engineers. This is a collection of some of the fastest-rising talents in today’s industry who regularly work in Miloco’s studios and have expert knowledge of the rooms. You can find out more on the in-house crew by visiting   

Due to our staff’s vast technical experience and contacts throughout the recording world, we have successfully established Miloco Builds, a recording studio design, construction and analysis company working on projects around the world. Having been at the forefront of music production for many years, Miloco understands the needs of the modern record producer, and we have completed many kinds of jobs including full design and construction of commercial studios, the re-modelling of existing studios, wiring and installation, acoustic analysis, and the creation of bespoke recording studio furniture. Miloco Builds has serviced a wide range of clients including The Chemical Brothers, Elton John, producer Stephen Street, Video and post-production companies and many other clients. To read about Miloco Builds visit    

The final service we provide is in partnership with Drumdrops, an online sample library of world class drum multi-tracks, stem files, loops and hits packs recorded in many of Miloco’s studios as well as other famous facilities around the world. The tracks are performed by leading session drummers using exceptional quality drum kits, and recorded and mixed by top engineers using vintage analogue gear. The Drumdrops catalogue covers numerous genres - reggae, disco, rock, pop, ska, metal and more - and is designed for producers and writers working at all levels. Drumdrops’ client list gives a signal of the quality of these multi-track drum tracks. It includes leading producers such as Chris Potter, Mark ‘Spike’ Stent, Adrian Sherwood and Stephen Street, as well as many top musicians including Graham Coxon (Blur) and Tim Wheeler (Ash). Discover Drumdrops’ range of world-class download sample products at  
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