According to new research by InSites Consulting, 90% of offline conversations about products and categories involve brands. "Therefore a company’s success strongly depends on its brand image", insists Matt Wassall, entrepreneur and Managing Director of MJ Experia Marketing. For this particular study, 1,600 people in several European countries were asked how they discuss brands and products in their everyday lives. The watch sector for example has a very positive image. The top brands people discuss are Rolex with 42% of conversations and Omega with 31%. The banking sector however consists mainly of negative conversations. The most talked about brands are Santander, Barclays and Allianz. Simon McDonald, InSite’s Director says: "What is important... to understand is that when people talk negatively about the industry, they are also talking negatively about brands" (

Matt Wassall at MJ Experia Marketing explains that it is important to listen to customers’ conversations and take action once the information has been analysed. According to the study, the main triggers for conversations about brands are about the products including a buying, trying or in-store experience, customer service and advertising ( "Customers have a multiplicity of brands to choose from", says Matt Wassall at MJ Experia Marketing. "Businesses should never underestimate how much customer decisions, and therefore a company’s success, depend on a positive brand image", adds Matt Wassall. One of the world’s most valuable and positively associated brands is Coca Cola which is more than 118 years old (

"Building a brand starts with awareness and should be followed by brand communication", says Matt Wassall at MJ Experia Marketing. The study reveals that there are three different groups of influence on brand conversation: the connectors, the mavens and sales people. Above all are the champions who represent all three of them combined. A so called purchase funnel starts with the awareness and some kind of consideration, which then filters down until the end with the aim to have consumers purchase products or services of a specific brand (

MJ Experia Marketing’s Managing Director Matt Wassall says: "A brand is an important asset to a business; therefore it should be constantly maintained." Once a product is clearly defined in the mindset of the target audience, it is vital to continuously develop brand personality and reinforce people’s perception towards the brand ( "Specialising on engaging with customers and creating an ongoing, positive brand conversation, are the main reasons for our clients to choose working with us", says Matt Wassall at MJ Experia Marketing, a direct sales and marketing business based in Birmingham. MJ Experia Marketing helps raise brand awareness and sustain a positive brand image on behalf of its clients through exceptional customer service which has helped companies to increase their sales for 2012 by over 10%.  


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