Back up caution and hello vanity! There’s a new breed of man in town. These men are filling up swanky clubs, office blocks and coffee shops with a new series of grooming game changers in their lockers. Thanks to MMUK MAN’s luxury range of 14 makeup for men products, more and more modern day men are discovering just how far a little touch up can take them in the bathroom stakes. Boasting a natural and very subtle range of male cosmetics which includes; foundation, concealer for men, men’s bronzer and even guyliner, the early popularity of the brand and booming sales indicate that the tectonic plates of men’s grooming are furiously shifting towards the acceptance of men wearing makeup.

MMUK MAN, available exclusively at, pride themselves on three very distinct and male orientated goals: The key to continual and successful mens makeup wear is to demonstrate an unparalleled and unnoticeable wear. It’s fair to say that with the sheer quality and male specific formulas of MMUK MAN, alpha male statuses all over the UK are set to remain very firmly intact as this brands popularity dramatically gathers pace into 2013.  

The second goal, the innovative excellence of MMUK MAN has strived for and magnificently achieved in their range, is the ultimate manliness of their packaging. Whether you’re at the gym and whipping out their highly popular concealer for men or showcasing a foundation or men’s bronzer back home on your bathroom shelf, the black, matte and bold packaging of the entire range simply screams captivating masculinity.

Finally and perhaps most importantly is the effectiveness of the products themselves. Whether you’re tackling an untimely spot, a troublesome imperfection or confidence destroying acne, MMUK MAN’s makeup for men hits all the right notes when it comes to restoring sought after confidence and a fresh complexion.

So ladies and gentlemen, as it appears, male makeup is getting more and more air time during groom time, it really boils down to the question of how many more 21st century men will soon resort to makeup in order to bag themselves a champion look?

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