Mobica, an independent software engineering services company with world leading low-level graphics and multimedia software capabilities, today announced that it has joined the Khronos Group. Mobica is a British company focused on providing solutions to consumer electronics, automotive and industrial markets, with R&D centres in the UK, Poland and California.

As high-end graphics technology migrates into lower-priced equipment, an increasing number of companies are faced with the significant challenge of finding engineers with relevant experience to develop low-level graphics software on numerous platforms. Mobica have one of the largest, independent teams of graphics specialists, enabling them to ramp-up highly effective teams and respond quickly and with great flexibility to the needs of companies developing or integrating GPU IP.

"We’re delighted to join the Khronos family and look forward to sharing our extensive experience in low-level graphics software. Our customers tell us how much we’re helping them get their product out on time because our teams are productive in a fraction of the time expected, significantly reducing the overall time spent on getting graphics drivers fully functional," said Jim Carroll, CTO of Mobica.

"We’re pleased to welcome Mobica to the Khronos Group and the benefits their multimedia and graphics expertise will bring to the Khronos community." said Neil Trevett, president of the Khronos Group.

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About Mobica Limited

Mobica is focused on the delivery of cutting edge consulting and software engineering for connected devices, with R&D centres in the UK, Poland and California. Mobica’s expertise can be found in numerous industry sectors including automotive, consumer electronics, medical/fitness, home media, banking/finance, and telecoms.

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