It's not only tech companies like ours that are trying to make the most of your unwanted gadgets and cast-off mobile phones. Across the web there are heaps of businesses from every sector looking to help customers make their odds and ends go a little further. We help you sell your iPhone for some quick cash, other folks offer great ways to renovate furniture on the cheap, sell homemade crafts and even make a bit by posting recipes online.

Today we thought we'd hone in on a great gal from across the pond in Columbia SA (US) who's making quite a name for herself, not by buying your old clothes, but by showing you how to refashion mostly hideous pieces into things you actually want. She's called Jillian and maintains a fashion blog called Refashionisa.

We wouldn't normally plug someone outside the tech industry, but we were really impressed with how much Jillian does for, well... nothing! From 2011-2012 she challenged herself to make one new outfit per day using some grotesque smock dress sent in by a reader or ugly charity shop find. All outfits were then donated to her local women's shelter charity shop to be sold.

Some of our team have become so addicted to this girl's advice that the local charity shop has been cleared out on several occasions! So, while you sell mobile phones or use Money4Machines to sell games consoles for cash, why not pop over to see what dear Jillian is up to today?

And don't forget, there are heaps of other individuals and businesses out there who can help you make some dishy £££ from your unwanted goods, whether you sell iPhones or refashion the most hideous Christmas jumper of the decade!

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