Brochure Holders are the modern age tool to provide information regarding various subjects in a variety of situations. These brochure holders are trouble-free and most essentially cost-effective.

Brochure holders can be sited at places like a wellness centre. A Counter-top brochure holder carrying details of symptoms and method of prevention of a rapidly spreading disease is commonly witnessed. Whenever an individual lands at the reception, the brochure placed on the counter-top brochure holder grasps their attention and makes it inevitable for them to pick it up. In the similar manner, this type of brochure holder can be exhibited in the window displays at various retail stores with news of seasonal sale offers or the launch of a brand new collection.

Wall mounted sign holders are an innovative and rapidly increasing technique of conveying messages. The wall mounted sign holder carrying messages is frequently seen at a variety of places asking public not to litter or with guiding about a no smoking or a no parking area. The very basic and repeatedly observed use of wall mounted sign holders is displaying the entry and exit points of retail stores, airports etc with one of the most common signs on wall mounted sign holders being "Consider it sold once broken" for fragile or brittle goods at departmental stores.

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