A British company is using revolutionary technology to help make businesses, venues and events safer as they gradually return to normality.

Nanospike is based in Twickenham, south west London, and Gosport, Hampshire. It supplies a special antimicrobial coating which can be applied to virtually any surface including equipment, furniture and touchpoints. It creates an inhospitable environment for viruses and bacteria by impaling them on microscopic nanospikes, which penetrate and destroy cell membranes. The treatment lasts for up to 90 days, and is not affected by the regular cleaning cycle; in fact, only abrasion will remove it.

Chris Hutber, one of the founders of Nanospike, said: "This is a really exciting technology that will make our clients' equipment and premises safer for them and their customers. Unlike disinfecting, Nanospike provides protection for up to three months, and so gives people confidence that the surfaces they are touching are being kept hygienic. It's not just a once-off clean, the microorganisms continue to be eliminated all day every day."

Because the technology is mechanical rather than chemical, nothing leaks into the environment. Nanospike is safe in food preparation areas, and, since it is colourless and odourless, does not stain fabrics. It is even being used to treat facemasks, making them safer if reused.

Nanospike is accredited by Safer Space® for providing the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. In turn Nanospike is able to certify that an individual work place or venue is a Safer Space®, including providing stickers to show the steps the owners have taken to create a safer business environment.

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