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So, you’ve got your eye on that girl and you’re trying to get up courage to ask her out. Then you look in the mirror and - worst news ever - find you’ve got a spot!

It’s a common enough problem, which hits girls as well as boys, but when you’re a teenager and lacking self-confidence, the appearance of any blemish can assume huge proportions. However, with a few common sense precautions and the help of a great natural product, you can reduce the agony and face the world with a smile.

Good skin care is a habit worth adopting, whether you have acne or just the tendency to develop a few blemishes from time to time. Here are a few tips to ensure you give your complexion the best possible chance to stay spot-free. And if you start now, you could be looking your best for Valentine’s Day.

  • Wash your face about twice each day, never more. Use warm water and a mild soap developed for people with acne. Do not scrub the skin.
  • Do not try to squeeze any spot, this can push the infection further into your skin and make matters worse. It also leads to scars, which will stay with you. If you develop a pimple before an important event, such as a party, ask a specialist in skincare to help.
  • Try not to touch your face with your hands and keep your mobile phone away, to avoid cross-infection. Wash your hands regularly, too, especially before applying acne cream.
  • If you wear glasses, make sure they are kept clean. They can be a breeding ground for infection.
  • Greasy hair flopping over your face won’t help, either. Keep it clean and tied, or brushed, back.
  • Keep out of the sun. Over-exposure can cause the skin to produce more sebum, which clogs the pores. And some acne cream can lead to sunburn.
  • If you shave, make sure any razor is sharp and soften the skin first with warm, soapy water.

No one is completely sure what causes acne, but it most likely surrounds hormones, which are in a bit of a muddle when you’re a teenager. Statistics show that about three-quarters of 11- to 30-year-olds will get spots at some time, although they can appear in people aged 50 or more.

Medication for the treatment of spots varies enormously, but it’s wise to stay with ones which are as natural as possible. Evening primrose oil and tea tree oil can work wonders, if you persist, as can the secret ingredient of a produce from the Israeli company Moraz.

Polygonum, a major constituent of its acne cream, is a wild plant which grows throughout Israel. It has been shown to contain a range of biochemical constituents and minerals with healing properties such as tannins, silicic acid flavonoids.

Moraz scientists have been developing skin care treatments based on herbal extracts, grown in the Jezreel Valley and the Galilee. The company’s Teenage Acne Cream contains between 65 and 100 per cent of natural ingredients, meaning there are no negative side-effects and it’s fine to use it frequently. This is not always the case with more chemically based products.

The cream should be applied twice a day directly to the spots on a clean, dry face and neck. Avoid direct sunlight after you’ve used it.

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