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Successful entrepreneur and business owner Lauren Harrison is pleased to announce she has secured a VIP invitation to join the Elite Female Entrepreneur Club. The overseas four-day experience will see the best female entrepreneurs come together and celebrate their business accomplishments and set their sights on future business success through 2020. Organisers have exclusively booked Villa Controni, in Tuscany and will entertain invitees with guest speakers, entertainment and all-important RnR.

Nebula Inc.:

"It is truly an honour to be invited to join such a renowned group of female entrepreneurs, in a still heavily male-dominated industry it is great that women can be recognised for their success and their promising futures. We have just celebrated International Women's Day, where we look to inspirational figures who have created opportunities for women, like myself who have so much to offer the business world. I am looking forward to meeting and collaborating with like-minded successful entrepreneurs, hearing about their success, achievements and important lessons learnt on their journeys as businesswomen." Said Lauren Harrison in a recent interview.

Nebula Inc. offers equal opportunities in the diverse city of Newcastle. The growing firm brings together the most daring sales and marketing talent to push boundaries and generate mind-blowing results for UK brands. They refuse to believe that the sky is the limit and know with the right attitudes and a little imagination, they can go further than any agency has gone before.

Nebula Inc. has opportunities for individuals looking to carve a successful career in marketing. The firm assesses candidates on their ability to match their core values versus an individual's background or acquired qualifications.

Love Mondays - We dread to think how many young professionals hate getting up on a Monday morning. There are 52 Mondays in a year, do you really want to spend a month and a half of the year miserable? No, neither do we.

Recognise success - We love celebrating the achievements of our aspiring entrepreneurs! Each win, however small is celebrated across our business. We understand that recognition is a driving force behind role satisfaction and motivation.

Have fun - Having an enjoyable time while with Nebula Inc. is an experience, we know that young professionals who enjoy their time with us are the most effective brand ambassadors. Our focus is on creating a vibrant and energetic environment, both in-house and remotely.

Enquiries are taken through the company website, and a team member will be in touch with further information.

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