Some might be the kind who hits the Facebook bookmark before their morning coffee is filtered. They could even be one of those folks who wake in the night as their iPhone 5 vibrates with a new Tweet. It’s no criticism either,  the staff at Money4Machines offices are certainly obsessed with social media.

But a growing number of folks are viewing communication platforms like Twitter and Facebook as more of a hindrance – a form of anti-social media – than anything else.

At the M4M office staff spend their days helping people do everything from sell iPad from Manchester to sell games consoles for cash. They run their business over the internet because it’s convenient for their customers and for them. It's not that they're too lazy to pop over and pick up the Playstation 3 they're selling, it’s just that it’s not practical for either of them.

It’s estimated the average Brit checks Facebook at least once before arriving at work in the morning. We also check our emails on our smartphones about 20 times per day.

The figure we found bouncing around is about 129 hours per year just checking up on Facebook newsfeeds in little bursts throughout the day. That’s 129 hours where we’re not even updating our own status or uploading photos. Just reading what old school friends we haven’t seen since graduation are filling their weekends with.

The bottom line seems to be that life is about taking the time to stop and smell the roses (or pizza or whatever else one likes). Social media is a fantastic invention and a real marker of the century, but it seems users should take less time to update their status, and a little more time to fill life with…well, life!

And they shouldn't forget, if they want to sell mobile devices and live the serious lo-fi life, they can use a good old fashioned landline to get in touch (maybe even a phone box if they're feeling really committed!)

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