Groningen and Maastricht have been voted among the 10 most charming places in the Netherlands in a survey conducted by

The online travel magazine invited more than 100 travel writers, photographers and selected professionals to name the three Dutch towns or small cities they consider the most appealing. Votes were then counted to produce the Top 10.

All towns and small cities with populations below 250,000 – excluding only Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht – were considered for the survey.

Located in northeast Holland in the eponymous province, the city of Groningen exudes a youthful buzz thanks to the 50,000 university students who reside here. It is also home to numerous cultural attractions, including the prestigious Grongingen Museum, as well as enchanting architecture such as the Gothic-style Martini Tower, which offers panoramic views across the city and wider region.

At the other end of the country, nestled on its southern tip in the province of Limburg, is Maastricht, one of Holland’s oldest towns but perhaps best known as the setting for the momentous Maastricht Treaty signing in 1992. Yet the town’s appeal extends beyond this historical fact, drawing visitors with its distinctive medieval architecture and cobbled old town complete with gothic-style churches, pretty squares, cobblestone lanes and thriving café culture.

In addition to Maastricht, the province of Limburg is also represented in the Top 10 by Valkenburg, while Broek in Waterland and Naarrden fly the flag for the province of North Holland. In the province of South Holland, meanwhile, Delft and Leiden grace our survey with their presence.

 The remaining 3 towns in the Top 10 are located in the provinces of North Brabant ('s-Hertogenbosch), Utrecht (Oudewater) and Gelderland (Zutphen).


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