Screen Wash King

April 2022

Progressive green start-up slashes screen wash waste – "a conscience as clear as your screen"

Leaner - greener - cleaner

Screen Wash King is boosting quality and value while dramatically reducing the annual 100 million plastic bottle shame of traditional screen wash sales.

Founded by James Hobson, Screen Wash King is revolutionising how we buy and use screen wash; from five litre plastic bottles of toxic liquid you have to remember to buy and drag around, to tiny screen wash tabs the size of a sweet you put directly into the screen wash reservoir and simply add water to dilute, non-toxic and guaranteed spill-free - all delivered on a subscription basis.

James has carried out extensive customer research and his solution-driven philosophy is anchored by four simple cornerstones:

Quality – The screen wash tabs are independently assessed for quality by DEKRA and have been awarded their quality standard since 2006

Value – Screen Wash King price matches all four leading competitors every month

Environment – 99.9 per cent less packaging and plastic, 11 articulated trucks into a single pallet

Convenience – "never buy screen wash again". No need to physically buy it, Screen Wash King will delivery new tabs on subscription directly to your home every six months.

75 per cent of all UK motorists buy screen wash. That is 34 million people!

But size matters….Yes!

Small, yes, but utterly powerful, Screen Wash King’s tabs are produced and independently tested in Germany. They are eco-friendly, non-toxic, phosphate free, biodegradable and do not contain any plastics/micro plastics.

Aren’t all screen washes the same?

No, poor quality screen wash eats away at the material on your wiper blades at a greater rate and it can miss smears, bugs, dirt, and tree sap on your screen. Rather than changing screen washes, many drivers simply keep squirting the problem away. Before long, the tanks need refilling. Poor quality screen wash can leave a lasting impact on your car, damaging the car paintwork, plastics and seals as well – but that’s not where the damage ends.

Ready-mixed screen wash is transported in large containers with distribution directly negatively impacting the environment. The trucks delivering the screen wash to stores and petrol stations are part of the same pollution that drivers are trying to remove from their wind screens. As well as adding to toxic traffic fumes, brake dust and tyre wear, the chemicals used in the majority of screen washes can contaminate the water course, mixing with rain water and running back into rivers, seas and oceans.

Screen King Wash has reduced 11 fully-laden articulated trucks of 5-litre plastic screen wash bottles into one single pallet, which is an enormous saving on plastic packing waste and diesel. Screen King Wash tabs also reduce warehouse storage and associated power resources by up to 95 per cent.

Each subscription consignment is delivered in in 100 per cent compostable mailing bags with labels made from 100 per cent recycled paper with a compostable and biodegradable permanent adhesive made from renewable materials.

Screen Wash King tabs are distributed using only Royal Mail, rather than couriers making specific on-demand journeys. The brand seeks to reduce their carbon footprint by creating bespoke mailing bags that create less compostable and production waste and moving to a soya-based film which is 100 per cent plastic-free.  There is also a two-car household option halving the packaging and saving the subscriber more money.

Join the Screen Wash King subscription revolution

One car subscription

Two car subscription

James Hobson of Screen Wash King said: "We often take the idea of screen wash for granted and we don't give it much thought, but when you hone in on it, it's clear to see that there's a lot of waste and unnecessary environmental and financial cost involved – and that's before you consider the quality. At Screen Wash King, we're dedicated to doing things in a different way. We're reducing the negative environmental impact of our screen wash tabs but we’re delivering on quality helping you be leaner, greener and cleaner. We're heading for 1 million subscribers by the end of 2022. Why not join the Screen Wash King revolution now?"

Notes to editor

If you would like to know more about Screen Wash King, contact James Hobson, owner,

Please visit the Screen Wash King website,

About Screen Wash King

James Hobson is the name behind and he is leading the way in helping people to change how they buy and use screen wash. The Screen Wash King's mission is simple - better screen wash a better way!

James is aiming to put an end to dragging heavy five litre plastic cans of toxic screen wash and then either shoving them in the garage of months or listening to them slosh around your boot as you take a corner. Based on the four cornerstones of quality, value, environment and convenience, Screen Wash King is screen wash the easy, modern way.

Screen Wash King is a higher quality, better value screen wash that has been Dekra-approved since 2006. Pitted against the UK's big five screen wash retailers – Halfords, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda and Morrisons – Screen Wash King delivers screen wash tabs on subscription and straight to your door.

As small and a light as a sweet, Screen Wash King comes to you with 99.9 per cent less packaging, transportation costs and will take up a fraction of the storage your current brand does.

Non-toxic, guaranteed leak-free and over a million screen wash tabs sold to date, the revolution has begun.

Thank you.


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