Through the analysis of thousands of public contract awards from UK universities, Tenderlake sheds light on what type of investments impact universities’ rankings in coveted league tables.

Flemming Madsen, CEO of Tenderlake said, “Opinions about university league tables are many and the rankings themselves, their meaning and their importance are a constant catalyst for fiery discussions. What is less often discussed is what, directly and indirectly, drives the rankings. This is the question we help answer with this analysis.”

About Tenderlake

Tenderlake provides an intelligent gateway to the £2 trillion UK and EEA public procurement market. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tenderlake’s solutions helps suppliers identify which public contracts to bid for.

Tenderlake won the 1st Prize in the prestigious and highly competitive EU Datathon competition and Tenderlake has recently been honoured by Google and Financial Times as a Top 100 European Digital Champion.

Tenderlake covers public procurement opportunities from over 200.000 organisations, across 40 countries including UK and the whole of the European Economic Area.

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