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Teenagers Jack Head and Josh Lamb have joined the team at South West company John Williams Heating Services Ltd as the company’s latest apprentices.

Josh, 18 and Jack, 17 have both just completed NVQ Level 1 in plumbing and are now working on the job at the company and are being mentored by qualified engineers. Jack has now started his Level 2 qualification and Josh will start his shortly.

Both decided to go down the apprenticeship route to kick start their careers as they describe themselves as hands-on, practical young men.

“I enjoyed school,” Josh, a former student of Devizes School in Wiltshire, said.

“However I always knew I wanted to work with my hands and not be stuck in an office. I just prefer making stuff and doing things, I’m not a ‘sit around’ type of person."

Jack, who lives in Wiltshire and is a former student of Abbeyfield School, said: “Sixth form and A levels just weren’t for me. I’m very practical and learning a trade appealed to me. I’ve learned so much since being here.

“You learn so many different ways of working with the other engineers and you have to take great care in what you do. You have to show respect when you are working in the homes of other people.”

Founders of John Williams Heating Services, John and Debbie have always been committed to employing apprentices. They currently have several within the team and many of their engineers have already risen through the company having fully qualified.

Debbie said: “John started his career as an apprentice and we’ve always supported apprenticeships since our business was founded 15 years ago. We work closely with local colleges to find committed and enthusiastic young people who want to learn from us.”

John Williams Heating Services is a Worcester accredited installer and is a member of Oftec, the trade association monitoring best practice in oil heating installation and repair. They are based on the Bumpers Farm Industrial Estate in Chippenham, Wiltshire.

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