Acrylic nails are a wonderful way to achieve beautiful, stylish nails of varying lengths, without performing the daily care natural nails require.

Acrylic nails are the strongest and last the longest of all the artificial nail types. However, there is potential for contracting nail fungus, as well as other nail infections, if acrylic nails are not cared for properly.

Symptoms of a nail infection include pain, redness, itching and pus in or around the nail area. Fungal infections often cause blue, green, brown, or yellow discolouration and can make the nail appear opaque, thick and brittle.

Acrylic nails do not cause nail damage or infections. Ninety-nine per cent of the damage done to the natural nails of people who wear acrylic or gel nails is done by nail technicians who don’t properly cleanse and sanitize the nails and the instruments of application prior to product application.

To prevent acrylic nail fungus infection, users should make sure the nail salon they go to is very clean and the equipment, washed and sterilized after every use. Their nail technicians should wash their hands after every session. Moreover, they should make sure the nail technicians are licensed and have attended acrylic nail courses.

They can wear beautiful acrylic nails and avoid nail fungus by ensuring their nails are applied properly and well cared for in between refills. However, they should avoid having acrylic nails applied if the natural nail or the surrounding area is cut or infected. Also, they should never try acrylic nails if they are in a profession that requires them to have their hands in water a lot.

Whether they're a beginner or an accomplished nail technician, they can sign up for an acrylic nail course or/and nail courses London!

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