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From the makers of the acclaimed genealogy series Who Do You Think You Are?, and the hit family reunion series Long Lost Family, The Gift (working title) is an inspirational new programme for BBC One that helps people express their gratitude or make amends.

Is there someone who has changed the course of your life forever? Someone you never got the chance to thank properly? Do you long to apologise to someone you’ve wronged in the past but don't know how to find them.

The Gift is the programme that can help. From tracking down the stranger who saved your life to helping you build bridges with people who you’ve seriously wronged in past, The Gift can end the years of guilt, worry or longing.

One of the stories we’re very keen to document is that of a journalist who feels they may have been helped or saved whilst working in a dangerous situation. 

We are searching for reporters and photojournalists who have formed relationships in the field and have been touched by an individual they have never had the opportunity to thank. 

The Gift is planned for broadcast by BBC One in a primetime mid-week slot and will be presented by a well known TV personality.

For more information please contact Selina Tso (selina.tso@walltowall.co.uk)

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