This summer, women can make their own face mask to make your skin feel moisturised and refreshed. Below is a list of recipes to make some of the best face masks;

Recipe 1

• Fresh mint

• Turmeric powder – a pinch

• Lukewarm water

Mix the fresh mint and Turmeric powder together, before washing your face with lukewarm water and applying the paste onto the skin. This face mask is the best to soothe the skin from summer heat or any sun burn that one might have on their face.

Recipe 2

• Piece of cotton wool

• Milk

Dip a piece of cotton wool into milk and wipe the face with it; its cleanses the skin and removes any unseen dirt that might be in the pores of the skin.

Recipe 3

• Piece of cotton wool

• Almond oil

Dip cotton wool into the Almond oil and wipe the face with the wool. It is an effective cleaner that leaves the skin feeling smooth and removes unwanted dirt.

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