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United Kingdom – With type 2 diabetes sufferers committed to taking pills every day, the pharmaceutical world makes a strong case for controlling the disease with drugs. However, thanks to his own research, one British journalist has thrown out the drugs and now controls his condition without any pills or potions – documenting his method for others to follow.

Everything has been compiled into a compelling new book, ‘I’m Beating Diabetes… So Can You!’ by Bill Eykyn. Told in a humorous and jargon-free way, Eykyn shares his own personal story in the hope that it will inspire others to make simple life changes that can turn their lives around.

"My book takes readers on a journey from initial denial, through pre-diabetes, diabetes with medication, and finally complete control without any drugs," says Eykyn, adding "and you can follow suit, no mistake!"

He continues, "Readers will find out how, by controlling blood sugar spikes after meals, they can avoid the often painful and deadly complications that can come with this debilitating and incurable disease."

While primarily written for type 2 sufferers, the book will prove an invaluable resource for their families, pre-diabetics and also all those looking to avoid the disease altogether.

"It will give everyone hope and encouragement to succeed. Helping to dispel the gloom of a type 2 diabetes diagnosis, I also offer readers and their family members a better understanding of what needs to be done to start beating diabetes before it beats you," Eykyn adds.

"We are doing the best we can to find a cure," says Professor Ceriello MD, PhD, in his Foreword as the medical consultant to the book, "but at least we already know that it can be controlled – with particular emphasis on the postprandial spike. This book explains how straightforward control can be if action is taken early on."

The author’s goal is simple: "I want to help everyone who is sleep-walking on a path towards diabetes; those who have woken up as pre-diabetic and, particularly, to help all sufferers avoid the painful and deathly complications that can result from this disease. I want to give them hope for a bright future."

Set to debut on November 14th, 2012, World Diabetes Day, Eykyn also hopes to galvanize the modern philanthropists to lead the world out of a pandemic that, without a serious life-style make-over, could hit one in ten across the globe.

"Getting my diagnosis changed my life dramatically. Thankfully, due to assiduous research and determination, I have been able to turn the tables and knock type 2 on its head. Others can do exactly the same," he concludes.

‘I’m Beating Diabetes… So Can You!’ published by Dog Ear Publishing, is available at Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com and through all good bookstores priced £9.95 or $15.95, from November 14, 2012. ISBN: 978-1-4575-1514-9

For more information, visit :www.imbeatingdiabetes.com.

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