Special coat designed to prevent thousands of child casualties on the road

There are more than 13,000* child casualties on the road every year in the UK. Many of these are caused by children wearing bulky coats in car seats which makes the harness dangerously loose and puts the child at risk of flying out of the car seat during a collision. To tackle this critical issue, car seat manufacturer Multimac has launched a special Road Coat® that is safe to wear in a car seat. The launch of its new coat comes in the wake of Road Safety Week as part of the company's focus on road safety.

The Road Coat® has a unique split in the collar design which allows a seat harness to pass directly through the collar and lay flat across a child's shoulders and torso, as recommended by car safety authorities. The back of the coat is highly compressible to avoid creating any slack in the harness and a thin waistcoat at the front helps to retain body heat.

Multimac founder and CEO Kevin Macliver told us: "We make the safest car seat in the world and that's always been our number one priority. Sadly, the car safety standards that we work so tirelessly to achieve, can be jeopardised in the blink of an eye by something as innocuous as wearing your winter coat.

"You see, for the Multimac ­­- or any car seat ­- to do its job properly and keep a child safe, the harness must sit flush across the child's body. Any sort of gap is just not safe. The issue with children wearing a big coat in a car seat is that when traffic collisions occur, the jolting motion squashes the padding down leaving a big gap through which the child can be thrust from the seat."

He continued: "As a father of four children myself, I understand the challenges of being a busy parent on the school run. Trying to get all your children dressed and into the car on time is challenge enough but when winter comes along with freezing temperatures and you're all getting into a cold car, it's easy to understand why children want to keep their coats on. But for a child to wear a winter coat in the car seat is potentially lethal. Much research has been done on this topic but no-one has done anything about it which is why we designed and sourced the Road Coat®: a perfect answer to keeping children safe in the seat, yet still nice and warm."

Minty Macliver, daughter of Kevin and operations director for the family business added: "We are absolutely delighted to be the first company in the UK to bring a practical solution to winter car seat safety with the launch of our Road Coat®. In line with our Multimac seats, the coats are available in a range of sizes from 12 months upwards. It marks an exciting expansion for our business and demonstrates our commitment to child car safety."

Based on Miller Street in Birmingham's industrial district, Multimac is a manufacturer of 3-seater and 4-seater car seats. Designed, patented and guided through years of rigorous safety tests by inventor Kevin Macliver, the company now sells more than 1,200 units each year all around the world. Kevin designed the Multimac so that he could still drive his regular car with all the family without any compromise to their safety. The Multimac car seat system is customisable with colour and fabric and can seat children from birth up to twelve years of age.

The Multimac Road Coat® retails at £69 plus delivery and is available to buy from the Multimac website www.multimac.com along with a full product range of car seats and accessories.


Notes to the editor:

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Supporting information:

  • Crash test footage: https://youtu.be/odO2gKCMFBs
  • *Source: Reported road casualties in Great Britain: 2019 annual report published 30/09/20 – Page 18 (Total casualties for children 15 and under) https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/922717/reported-road-casualties-annual-report-2019.pdf
  • Road Safety Week was 15 to 21 November 2021 (see https://www.brake.org.uk/road-safety-week).
  • The Road Coat® has been fully crash-tested by an independent crash test lab and reviewed by a renowned expert in the field of child passenger safety (CPST). In addition, a certified instructor for both the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration has provided their full approval of the Road Coat® for use with car seats.
  • Multimac are the sole UK distributor of the Road Coat®, which is made by American outerwear company One Kid.
  • Multimac is a unique, multiple child seat system, which fits securely on the back seat of your car, and accommodates children from birth to 12 years old and beyond (0-36kg).
  • Engineered to aircraft standards, the Multimac provides safety without compromise.
  • The Multimac car seat has been tested and approved to the latest European safety standard ECE 44-04. As the first and only multiple child seat in existence, it has been subjected to more scrutiny and testing than any child seat in history, including that of the BSI, TRL, VCA, British government, European government, Swedish Road Administration and VTI.
  • Multimac was set up by Kevin Macliver in 1995 after the birth of his fourth child.
  • The Multimac is fully customisable meaning you can match the leather to the interior of your car, or get creative and make a colour scheme that the children will enjoy. 

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