Good news to all the gamers out there. A new console is coming out! Microsoft name the new baby ‘project Scarlett’. Scarlett will make its arrival in 2020. It will be four times more powerful than the Xbox One X. A lot of you might be excited for the new consoles to come out. Let’s see how this console is different from the others.

The rumour about Scarlett was raised in June 2019. This new console is best for the next generation and will be released in 2020. So, you’ll have plenty of times to save up. According to Microsoft, Scarlett will enhance the quality of the games in Xbox. Which is indeed a good development.

Microsoft’s team made a presentation of how the new baby is going to be. The official teaser of Scarlett was thrilling. With many specs, cloud features, graphics and a huge roster of predictable games, this project is going to be massive!

Phil Spencer, the Xbox chief claimed that: “To us the console is vital and central to our experience,”. “We heard you, a console should be designed, built, and optimized for one thing and one thing only: gaming.” There will be a new feature that will turn Xbox consoles into personal cloud servers. This will allow them to stream their titles to smartphones for the first time. Impressive!

Combining traditional console system with cloud gaming setups is a pathway to make this project a success. Xbox is in the third place with the rising of other gaming brands that have taken a troll in the market. Who knows, with the coming of up of Scarlett, they’ll raise to the first place. Stay tuned!

Phil Spencer has not yet confirmed Scarlett’s release date. But don’t be disappointed games, it will surely be released in 2020. Till then save up as the price might be a little high. The price will approximately range between $399-$499. No worries gamers, according to Microsoft, since Scarlett has less memory storage, it could be slightly cheaper.

Scarlett’s graphics has a power of 8K resolution. It’s frame rates above 120fps. Plus, not to forget their promise of a “40x” performance boost over the current generation. In the presentation, they mentioned that Microsoft has situated Scarlett as a powerhouse. Spencer said: “Immersive experiences begin at the very heart of the console, at the silicone level itself, together with our partners at AMD we have co-engineers and custom designed a state-of-the-art processor for Project Scarlett.”

We all must be thinking, but how is it different from PS5?... Well, the introduction of Scarlet will push aside all other competitors. The coming of VR is not so popular in the market. Spencer mentioned: “The timeline [for VR] is a little bit extended because we’re still up against the desire to have great content as a way to drive more hardware adoption, but the content can’t get funded until there’s more hardware,” as that gets figured out, all of this momentum in streaming, cloud, and subscription services will develop.” Microsoft has all its ways to be one of the best among the others.

Scarlett might win the attention of countless gamers. Microsoft wants their product to be accessible to everyone. And this upcoming console could be a turning point in the gambling industry in general. In the meantime, why not try out online games through your preferred devices? While you wait for Scarlett, turn your iOS or Android device into a gaming console and play your favourite games.

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