Coworkmo looks to change the remote working market by offering an easy and cost-effective platform for employees, employers and freelancers to use to find and book occasional coworking space across the country.

LONDON, April 2021- Coworkmo, an online service helping remote workers quickly find their most suitable workspaces, has launched its new website and booking platform. Coworkmo has been launched in direct response to the impact of workplace isolation on employee well-being, and how occasional coworking can improve this, as well as improving networking opportunities and company culture.

Inspiration for the business came from when its founder previously worked for a nationwide occupational health and well-being SME. The company's home worker allowance was called a 'remote worker allowance' and employees were actively encouraged to meet in location-based teams once or twice a month to work together. Those further afield of the central office were encouraged to meet in cafe's, bars/coworking spaces. Whilst working there, he saw the impact of coworking on levels of emotional support, productivity and the useful exchange of knowledge.

Occasionally working from a local coworking location has been suggested as a method of mediating some of the negative impacts of homeworking isolation through effectively combining the flexibility of remote working with the social interaction of working with others. Therefore, Coworkmo offers remote employees and freelancers the benefit of flexible and affordable workspace options, so that they can network and reduce home worker seclusion.

The Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to a mass experiment in at-home working, and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that it is here to stay. A recent study of more than 6,500 respondents comparing home working in the UK before and during the first national lockdown concluded that two-thirds (65.5 per cent) of employees reported an increase in productivity (Source: Wales Institute of Social & Economic Research, Data & Methods).

However, the same study concludes that a prominent reason for the remaining third who reported no change or a decrease in productivity had been the impact of isolation. This can manifest not only in reduced productivity but also in negative implications for employee wellbeing and company culture.

Coworkmo looks to change that by offering an easy and cost-effective platform for employees and employers to use to find and book coworking spaces across the country.

Aside from the usual coffee shops and bars for remote workers, it is estimated that there are currently almost 15,000 dedicated co-working spaces around the world, as of the beginning of 2019. In the US, this equates to 2.5 million square metres. In London, arguably the co-working capital of the world, 994,000 square metres are dedicated to co-working. (Source: US&CO)

This means that remote workers can struggle to quickly pick the workspace most suited to their needs, particularly if they are not in a position to commit to the usual 30-day-terms. Workspaces can also find it difficult to stand out in such a saturated market. Coworkmo offers a unique solution that is mutually beneficial for both workspace and potential workers by merging a digital membership for exclusive discounts for its members, and a steady stream of new customers for venues.

For many remote workers, full-time home working is not always suitable or desirable. The amount of people in this predicament is likely to increase because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Coworkmo helps by bringing these remote workers and the workspaces most suited to their needs and budgets together - resulting in a flexible and affordable alternative to permanent home working.

With the accelerated increase in companies going remote, we expect to see an increase in at-home working fatigue and isolation, which will ultimately result in more employees looking to coworking spaces, coffee shops and bars. With this surge in popularity, Coworkmo is set to become the go-to remote working resource for both venues and workers alike.

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