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A new online store set up in response to the Covid-19 pandemic is supporting small independent businesses and artisans.

Chippa Nation is a marketplace selling fashion, gifts, books and eco-household products after initially being launched to help people access essential items during the early days of the national lockdown.

The ecommerce company, set up by chef-turned-entrepreneur Tara Smith, from Herefordshire, is now stocking products from British independent makers and businesses, while focusing on sustainability and social responsibility.

Tara said: "I started Chippa Nation to provide an alternative retail source for rural and isolated communities after supermarket shelves were emptied by stockpiling just as the nation went into lockdown.

"I was shocked that some people in my rural community couldn't find affordable essential items like baby wipes and cleaning products, and I was worried for those with limited support networks.

"Then, after the initial panic about the pandemic eased, I realised this was an opportunity to work with fellow small businesses by creating a responsible online marketplace that participates in a circular economy, which is something I strongly believe in."

Tara runs Chippa Nation from her home in Hay-on-Wye alongside working as a freelance chef and at a local retail deli. She has lived in Herefordshire for five years after spending almost a decade travelling around the world, including working on super yachts as a chef.

As mother-of-one Tara grew up in the Cumbria countryside, she has an appreciation for nature and preserving the environment through sustainable practices, which is reflected in her approach to running Chippa Nation.

Tara said: "With Chippa Nation, I want to stay true to my background of coming from a hard-working community where people hold a trade that is often passed down through the generations.

"I’m keen to play a conscious part in helping to create a supportive business community, and I carefully select the brands I work with before adding them to the store.

"Recycling is equally as important and I try to use recycled packaging and sustainable materials where possible to grow Chippa Nation with a good sense of social responsibility."

Chippa Nation stocks a range of brands, including Old Youth, Wild Food UK, Flourish and Norfolk Natural Living.

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Notes for editor:

  • A new website for Chippa Nation is currently in development and will be launched in November.
  • The name Chippa Nation is a reference to people sticking together when the going gets tough.
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